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We understand the importance of the home selling process and every great marketing campaign starts with great photos! With House Lens Pro, amazing photos are never farther away than your cell phone! We transform dark, drab photos into bright, vibrant images that are eye catching and memorable. Our team of Photoshop ninjas are committed to your success and we will consistently and reliably deliver the highest level of service possible. 

Professional Photos Taken By You, Edited By Us!

House Lens Pro provides custom service so you can sell your homes faster!


Take high quality real estate photography with your own device! 

The Featured Service: Real Estate Photography Editing

It is our goal to raise the bar in real estate marketing by providing a high impact, convenient and cost effective service to help you create stunning real estate photos that any agent would be proud to market their listings with! 

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  • Intuitive & User Friendly

    Serves as a portal that allows our team of Photoshop ninjas to transform your images into eye-catching marketing gems!

  • Hand-Edited

    Each photo submitted is hand edited through a 10 Step Process to provide the highest quality images possible.

  • Timely Turnaround

    After each image has been edited and refined, we deliver them to your inbox in one business day.

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Professionally edited photography at your fingertips, by professional photography ninjas, to help you market and sell your real estate listings easier and faster than ever before! 

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Are you interested in making your photos POP even more? Our wide-angle lens clip attaches right to your cellphone to help you take better angled photos – particularly helpful in showing off rooms for a real estate listing! Interested in getting one for yourself or a realtor friend? 

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